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Swati on Burma BridgeSwati On Burma Bridge

Swati Srivastava - Writer / Director

Through meandering lanes of Delhi to the hilly streets of Los Angeles, Swati has traveled quite a distance. The topper in her bachelors program at her college in Delhi University and the All India Gold Medalist in her Post Graduate program, she spent a decade working as a software engineer where she achieved admiration & respect from her peers as well as her seniors. In order to pursue her dreams of being a film-maker, Swati enrolled part-time at UCLA Extension and studied nights & weekends while maintaining her full time job. She completed Certificate Program in Entertainment Media - General Studies as well as a Certificate Program with Specialization in Cinematography, both with Distinctions.

A first generation immigrant in the US, Swati is very engaged with the social and political issues of our times. For her first documentary, Swati chose to highlight an issue that has affected her life personally; the issues that a LEGAL immigrant faces in getting a US Green Card. Not many people know this but it can take anywhere up to 20 years for a legal immigrant to get a Green Card in US. To bring light to this issue, Swati traveled to Washington D.C where she interviewed various fellow immigrants and documented their stories. She also interviewed members of congress and key policy makers which included Arizona Senator Hon'ble Jeff Flake (then Rep. Jeff Flake, Arizona's 6th district). The documentary couldn't be completed for various reasons. Yet, it served as a learning experience for Swati.

In order to do research for one of her screenplays that deals with the epidemic of suicides by Indian farmers, Swati traveled to India where she interviewed and documented various farm - widows and struggling farmers. While in India, she stumbled upon a Government run autopsy center. When she saw the pathetic & disgusting state of the center, she decided to film it. The edited video made its way to CNN-IBN (CNN-India) who broadcast it on their prime time TV show called 'Citizen Journalist' where it was watched by millions of viewers & won CNN's Best Video of the Year award. Swati has finished writing the screenplay for this film and intends to turn it into a film but first, she intends to direct her very personal, very emotional screenplay called "Ashes and Stars"

Swati & her partner Mark Bartosik live between Los Angeles and Long Island; where they have a Net Zero Energy home, which has been filmed by various TV stations including NBC. Together, the couple tries to live as eco-conscious life as possible (the carbon emissions to support their bi-coastal lives are offset regularly)

Swati loves to travel, watch movies, read and write. She writes poetry, short stories and long stories. Her sci-fi short story called "The Ninth Planet" is soon to be published. She is an avid cook and friends love their parties with their exotic cuisine. She is also fond of knitting and learning new languages, something she wishes she had more time for.

Last but certainly not the least, Swati loves the adrenaline rush of adventure activities; whether it is "sky-walking" on a burma-bridge or stunt-driving, Swati is open to all of life's experiences...!
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Mark NBCMark with NBC

Mark Bartosik - Creative Producer

An English man in New York (now also in Los Angeles!), Mark spent his childhood in the heart of England. Son of a Polish father and a British mom, Mark understood from a very young age what it means to be an immigrant, whether it be a 2nd generation immigrant in England or a 1st generation one in USA.

A spot on geek, Mark revels in building things. As a teenager he worked on various science projects, some of which brought him national recognition, when at the young age of 14, he won second prize in a national Young Inventors competition.

An Electronics engineer through studies and a Software engineer by profession, Mark is at the top of his game. He has published articles in inter-national journals that have received citations and been reviewed by some of the most famous people in his field. He & his team won first prize in the British Computer Society National Programming Competition.

One of his most recent, most fun projects has been to convert their 1960s home in Long Island, into a Net Zero Energy home . Mark has spent innumerable hours to make this transition, learning a lot about "building science". The house has 4 solar systems. The first system that he installed was a building integrated system of roof tiles rather than the regular solar panels. At the time of installation, it was the first full roof residential retrofit of solar tiles on the east coast of the USA (and the largest residential retrofit of solar PV tiles in the USA). The house also has geothermal heating, super-insulated quadruple pane windows, beefed up insulation, cork-floors, computer monitor system ofcourse, sustainable made in USA furniture, yada..yada..yada. You will need to talk to Mark to get the whole list of features but beware, he will talk your ear off!

To learn about Mark and his fantastic projects, go to Mark's web site.

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